The Sims 4's new roadmap details the 'Season of Love' with two build kits and a romantic expansion

The Sims 4
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After completing its roadmap of DLC and updates for the first half of the year, The Sims 4 has dropped a new roadmap. The next several months of Sims 4 additions have been dubbed the "season of love," during which we can expect two free updates, two DLC kits, and one expansion.

As usual, the roadmap came in video form with some visual teasers and hints about what the upcoming game updates might actually be.

The two free updates say "Priming for passion: polished my look for a sultry splash," one of which appears to be the base game update that's landed today with new swimsuit swatches and some new color choices for existing summer-y tops.

The two "destination kits" come with the clue "The meeting: a little nectar led to a provocative plunge…" paired with two wine glasses, a setting that looks like a cafe of some sort, and a pool. As these things go, there have been some recent Sims 4 pack leaks that do seem to match up with those themes. One alleged leak is a set of build mode items for pool areas and the other is a sort of early 1900s-inspired set of bar decor with speakeasy vibes.

The one thing we've got no details on yet is the expansion, which comes with the clue: "Fountain of desire: made waves but we WooHoo'd anyway." That one has a backdrop that looks like a charming city block around a fountain. As for how on Earth that relates to Sims having sex (the in-game euphemism for which is WooHoo) I do not know. Likely the cute little city is a nod to the style of the new neighborhood the expansion will add, but as for what kind of romantic gameplay it's nodding to, I can't say.

Players are speculating about everything from a matchmaking career to the addition of getaway hotels to a heart-shaped hot tub and bed as a nod back to the old Hot Date expansion from the very first The Sims. Not that I'd know—I definitely couldn't have fooled my parents into buying me that saucy-looking expansion pack back in the day.

Aside from today's free content update with bathing suits, we don't have an expected release date for the rest of these packs. Given the summer themes though, I'd expect to see it all arrive before autumn.

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