Here's when Homeworld 3 launches in your region

Homeworld 3 space battle
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After more than two decades of waiting, Homeworld 3 is almost upon us. You'll just need a bit more patience—unless you shelled out for one of the special editions—but after waiting for this long, I'm sure you can handle it. 

In the meantime, you can check out our Homeworld 3 review. After such a long wait I wish it could have inspired a slightly more glowing critique—I didn't really gel with the War Games mode or some of the other changes—but the campaign missions are fantastic and the busy maps are a lot of fun to fight over. It's a good sequel, even if it's not my favourite Homeworld.

Homeworld 3 release times

Homeworld 3 launches on May 13 in most of the world, and while it's a simultaneous global launch, some players will be getting in a bit earlier—today (May 10th) in fact. That's only for Fig backers and owners of the Fleet Command and Collector's Edition versions. If that includes you, you can already play it now. Standard and Deluxe versions of the game will activate on May 13 at 11am PT.

Here's how this translates to different timezones:

  • London: 19:00 BST
  • Paris: 20:00 CEST
  • New York: 14:00 ET
  • Los Angeles: 11:00 PT
  • Rio de Janeiro: 15:00 BRT
  • Tokyo: 03:00 JST (May 14)
  • Sydney: 04:00 AEST (May 14)

Is there a Steam preload for Homeworld 3?

Unfortunately preloading is not available for Homeworld 3, so you'll still need to start downloading it at the times above before you can join the mothership on its trek across the stars. The good news is that this shouldn't take very long. While this might change a tiny bit before release, the install size of the review version is only 28GB.

To see if the game will run well on your PC, read up on our Homeworld 3 performance analysis before launch day.

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