Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2's trailer is bawdy, bloody and gives us a siege tease

Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Saints and Sinners Trailer - YouTube Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Saints and Sinners Trailer - YouTube
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 is right at the top of my list of games I'm ravenous for, so its appearance at Summer Game Fest has made sitting through Big Geoff's showcase absolutely worthwhile. 

This is our second look at the game, and it's pretty much got it all: folk getting battered, buddies getting into trouble, good times and bad times, guns, swords and a wee taste of siege warfare. 

We already saw some of the new ranged weapons in action in the last trailer, so seeing what we'll be getting up to when invaders are at the walls was the highlight this time. We'll be knocking down ladders, dropping rocks on heads, and no doubt getting stuck into some tense duels on the battlements. Even this brief glimpse got me all fired up. 

While Kingdom Come is all about a blacksmith's son who becomes a knight, Henry does get up to a lot of less than honourable shenanigans too. It's an open-world RPG, after all. So expect to skulk around in the shadows, stabbing folk in the back and lockpicking chests. It looks like we'll be able to deck ourselves out in the proper attire when we're getting up to no good, too, and we get to see Henry hooded and dressed all in black. I'm sure he won't stand out at all. 

Broadly, though, I'm just looking forward to another adventure with Henry and Hans. They're a fun pair, and one of the best things about the original game was that it never lost its sense of fun, even though it often dealt with epic intrigue and tragedies. The trailer packs in a lot of silliness, so we can expect the same from this one. 

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