How to watch The Game Awards, and what to expect from this year's show

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The Game Awards, the annual videogame awards show hosted and produced by Geoff Keighley, returns on December 10. The award giving will begin at 4 pm PT/7pm ET, and you can catch the whole thing live on Twitch (opens in new tab) via the livestream embedded above.

If Twitch isn't your cup of T (get it?), there are plenty of other viewing options—more than 45 (opens in new tab), in fact, including:

International folks have plenty of homegrown options too, including Toutiao (opens in new tab), Douyin (opens in new tab), Tencent (opens in new tab), and Weibo (opens in new tab) in China, Voot (opens in new tab), JioTV (opens in new tab), and Airtel (opens in new tab) in India, Niconico (opens in new tab) and Famitsu (opens in new tab) in Japan, VK (opens in new tab) in Russia, and KakaoTV (opens in new tab) in South Korea. 

The awards themselves are only half the draw: The Game Awards are also a showcase for new game announcements and trailers, and this year's event is no exception. Host Geoff Keighley said in a recent AMA that there will be "12-15 or so (opens in new tab)" reveals during the show, which he later clarified (opens in new tab) to mean brand-new projects that haven't previously been seen.

That presumably excludes the next Dragon Age game, since its existence has been confirmed, but either way we know we'll be getting a closer look at it—BioWare has said so. 

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Focus Home Interactive (opens in new tab) has also teased two new game reveals for the show, Nier Replicant (opens in new tab) will get some time in the spotlight, we'll get a look at the new map coming to Among Us (opens in new tab) (along with "more secret things"), and we'll finally get a look at what former Visceral and Sledgehammer Games boss Glen Schofield has been up to at his new Striking Distance Studios (opens in new tab).

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Josef Fares (opens in new tab), the guy who famously (and repeatedly) yelled "Fuck the Oscars (opens in new tab)" at The Game Awards in 2017, will return this year to present an award and show off It Takes Two, the next game from Hazelight Studios. 

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Ironically, in light of that Oscars outburst from Fares (which at its heart, I think, was a call for game makers to stop seeking mainstream legitimacy by trying to emulate to the film industry), Oscar-nominated director Christopher Nolan (opens in new tab) will also show up to present an award, as will streamer Jacksepticeye (opens in new tab), voice actor Nolan North (opens in new tab), former Nintendo bruiser Reggie Fils-Aime (opens in new tab), and this guy:

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The COVID-19 pandemic means The Game Awards 2020 will not be held before a live audience, but there will still be performances from artists including Lyn Inaizumi (opens in new tab) and Eddie Vedder (opens in new tab).

One of The Game Awards has actually already been handed out: Ghost of Tsushima claimed the publicly-chosen Player's Voice award (opens in new tab) yesterday. The full list of remaining categories is available here (opens in new tab).

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