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Frozen Synapse 2 'should come out in August'

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T'was the week before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a launch date was stirring, in Mode 7's house. 

Last December, a few days before Santa's visit (opens in new tab), Mode 7 pushed its lovely-looking, once-due-in-2016 Frozen Synapse 2 back to an undermined date this year. We're still without something concrete, but the developer tells us today that "Frozen Synapse 2 should come out in August." Which is soon. Yay. 

Here's 32 minutes of new in-game footage wherein the devs (in their own words):

  • Lose to one of the worst units in the game because I forgot it was carrying a gun.
  • Perform a daring raid on an enemy base and then forget to look for money while I'm there.
  • Casually hand over powerful artefacts to militant religious extremists and get myself into debt repeatedly.

For more Frozen Synapsing, revisit the time Frozen Synapse 2 spilled murderous techno factions all over the PC Gamer Weekender livestream (opens in new tab). That took bloody ages to clean up.

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