Frozen Synapse 2 spills murderous techno factions all over the PC Gamer Weekender livestream

2011's Frozen Synapse was a wonderfully streamlined tactical squad combat game, which combined a wide variety of weapons with smart asynchronous multiplayer. Its sequel's been on our radar for quite some time—featuring on our start-of-year strategy games of 2018 list—and promises more of the above within a procedurally generated city made up of embattled corporations. 

Like its forerunner, planning is everything—and you're only ever one poorly executed strategy away from meeting your maker. Talking us through one particularly aggressive assault on the PC Gamer Weekender 2018 livestream, here's Paul and Ian from developer Mode 7 Games:

Frozen Synapse 2 is due at some stage this year. Tune in around the eight-minute mark above for details on how players might influence the game's political themes and outcomes. That sounds particularly interesting.

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