Frozen Synapse 2 shows off new in-game footage, delayed to 2018

Tom Francis thoroughly enjoyed 2011's turn-based tactics endeavour Frozen Synapse, and while its much-anticipated sequel was first expected in late 2016 it's now been pushed to next year.   

In a bid to stem disappointment, developer Mode 7 Games has however released a new 15-minute-long developer build that shows off where the game is at just now. Here's that:

My favourite part of the above starts around the seven minute mark, where three knife, shotgun and submachine gun-toting baddies face off against the player's similarly matched outfit. 

As the narrator points out, things get a little awry about halfway through the assault—but the player ultimately deals with the threat with a mix of duck and covering and well-placed attacks. 

In the face of the game's delay, Mode 7 reckons Frozen Synapse 2 will be with us in the first half of 2018. The developer also hopes to release new information "pretty soon in the New Year". We'll keep you posted as and when we hear more.