Friday the 13th: The Game gets release date, but it's not on Friday the 13th

A year and a half after its Kickstarter campaign, Friday the 13th: The Game has an official release date. Originally set to release last year, the asymmetrical murder multiplayer game hits the PC on a day that's not Friday the 13th. What has up until now been a great year for video games is basically shot to hell.

Instead, you'll be able to cut camp counsellors up as Jason in May, Friday the 26th. Actually, now that I think about it, Friday the 26th is just Friday the 13th with twice the scares and heebie-jeebies. I guess that's okay then.

The release date was announced with a new trailer, which shows off a bunch of brutal murders, camp counsellors, and customization options. We also get another look at series character Tommy Jarvis, the first person to ever kill Jason. I'm not totally clear on how he'll work, but it seems like he's somewhat of a hero character that you can spawn midway through a match. Either way, he's got a gun, and that seems like a good thing to have when you're going up against a pissed-off goalie with a machete.

Friday the 13th launches without its singleplayer mode—the addition of which is why it was delayed late last year. However, it will come in a free update this summer. In the meantime, you'll still be able to play the main multiplayer mode, where Jason goes up against seven camp counselors on three different maps—Camp Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven, and Packanack Lodge. I'm hoping for a DLC map based on Jason Takes Manhattan, boombox and all.