Friday the 13th trailer introduces Jason-slayer Tommy Jarvis

Friday the 13th: The Game was delayed back in October, and in addition to having the extra time for the development of single-player modes, it was announced that one of Jason's greatest nemeses, Tommy Jarvis, would be playable in the horror game. Now, we get our first look at the character, who's played by Jason Lives actor Thom Matthews.

In the trailer at the top of this article, one of the preppy camp counsellors calls for help, introducing Tommy. It's unclear how playing the character will work exactly, as we have no idea of his abilities or anything else of that matter. I'm curious to see if one player will get to play as Tommy from the start or if he's a character players can spawn as when a multiplayer match progresses to a certain point. It'll be interesting to see if Tommy can put Jason down like in the movies. He is holding a shotgun, though, and if I know anything about video games, I bet he'll use it for shootin'.

The multiplayer portion of the game is set for release in spring 2017, while the single-player mode will release the following summer. Unfortunately, no specific dates have been revealed. For those who haven't already bought in, the digital version's price has risen from $30 to $40 due to the added inclusion of single-player. Anyone who purchased the game before this price hike doesn't have to worry about paying extra.