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Free games of the week

Dungeon Racer by Evil Tomato

You are a car, and you're in a dungeon in the aptly named Dungeon Racer: a colourfully silly top-down shooter that certainly does what it says on the tin. It looks great, and when you're picking up shiny gold and shooting baddie machines into tiny bits, Dungeon Racer can feel pretty good to play too. My only problem—and it's a big one, unfortunately—is that the car is damned difficult to control, seemingly requiring teeny, gradual movements to get anywhere, and without bashing into a wall. Bashing into a wall causes damage to your car, and it's the surest way to an early car grave.

Roulette Knight by Four Quarters Team

Roulette Knight is a surprisingly deep and involved RPG where, instead of delving into dungeons, you're bringing the threat to you by loading a revolver, spinning the cylinder, and then shooting yourself in the head. It's never explained exactly why you're doing this, but perhaps it's for the rewards, which can be numerous.

This is a game of Russian Roulette, as the name might clue you in, where you're given experience and cash every time you shoot yourself in the noggin without dying. Levelling up gives you ability points that grant greater health, magic spells and so on, while cash can be spent on better armour, and magic items that will give you boons in battle (hang on, is it battle if you're battling yourself?)

Meanwhile, if the chamber happens to be loaded, you'll lose a big chunk of health or potentially die if your HP isn't at max. The risks increase as you load additional bullets into your revolver, but so do the rewards, with a combo system granting additional cash and experience if you load, say, three bullets into the cylinder and survive the shot. It's a fabulous risk/reward mechanic, supported by a deep loot and levelling system and scrumptious pixel art, and all of that makes Roulette Knight one of the best freeware games I've come across lately.

Alley Cat Remeow Edition by Joflof

Bill Williams' 1983 game Alley Cat has been unofficially remastered by Joflof, who has imbued the retro game with extra features and with lovely, redrawn pixel art that makes the most of a broadened colour palette. I'm not familiar with the original game, but Alley Cat Remeow Edition does feel thoroughly old-fashioned, in that it's difficult and I'm not entirely sure how to play. The main game screen is easy enough, as your little cat bounces on bins, climbs up washing lines, and avoids feral dogs and other threats as it tries to grab as many mousies as possible, but I did get stuck in one of the bonus rooms that ensued. In retrospect, I should have read this detailed play guide on Joflof's site, so keep that in an open tab to get the most out of this lovingly made remake. (Via Warp Door.)

Unbelievabubble by Ultimategrinder

As well as being very fun to say, Unbelievabubble is pretty enjoyable to play, combining platforming with Puzzle Bobble-style match-threeing. It even finds the time (or perhaps the cheek) to bung in some distinctly unlicensed, albeit fitting tunes over the top. You play as very angry-looking duck, who has to fling coloured balls at multi-coloured ball-clusters to clear the way, and create new platforms letting him bound over perilous gaps. (Hey, ducks can fly, I suddenly remember.) It's an easy game where you can't really fail, but I had fun seeing this quacky quest through to the end.

Woodsy by Braindeer Games

A fun adventure game where you'll explore a swampy, woodsy little world, running errands for the strange creatures that happen to reside there. This short first-person game plays with horror tropes in such a lovely way, making the player jump with surprise appearances before immediately undercutting them with bouncy, silly humour.