Fortnite's Playground mode returns on Wednesday

Epic revealed on Twitter today that Fortnite's Playground limited-time mode will return on July 25, with new team select options, all-terrain karts, and more loot to earn. 

No specifics at this point, but Epic said earlier this month that it wanted the return of the Playground to include team selection options to enable 1v1 and 2v2 games, teammate structure editing and trap reactivity, the ability to clock enemies with the pickaxe, and other play-with-pals features. Full details will be revealed tomorrow in the 5.10 update notes, which will drop early tomorrow morning—and which will also finally deliver those fancy Founder's skins everyone's been waiting for.    

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The Playground LTM enables players to experiment with the game without the usual constraints or fear of being blown away by fellow Fortniters—you can jump in and do pretty much whatever you like, with unlimited respawns. The catch is that there's a 60-minute time limit, after which everything you've done gets wiped. Despite that, players did some very impressive things with it, and we'll no doubt see even more of that flash-Fortnite creativity the next time around too.

Andy Chalk

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