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Fortnite's most impressive Playgrounds projects include hilltop villages, castles, COD's Nuketown

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If you build it, they will… wipe it after an hour. That's how Fortnite's limited-time Playgrounds mode (opens in new tab) works: you're given 60 minutes to create, play and train as you wish. After that, it's time up and your painstaking projects disappear for good. 

But that hasn't stopped some of the battle royale's most creative players from crafting these jaw droppings sights. 

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Working on his lonesome (Playgrounds supports up to four players per server), Sonny Evans raised the following hilltop village overlooking Tilted Towers. You may have seen Evans' humorous faux-National Geographic videogame nature documentaries (opens in new tab) before. This time lapse trailer is no less impressive.

Sticking with Evans, the following castle looks out on Loot Lake and is comprised of multiple towers and rooms. He's recruited a buddy to help with this one—which apparently used 13,000 materials—and the results are pretty remarkable.

There are a few Fotrnite recreations (opens in new tab) of Call of Duty's iconic Nuketown map kicking around already, however Reddit person SIeepy_Bear (opens in new tab)'s is my favourite. No moving pictures for this one, sadly, but it looks lovely in the screen below. 

"It would be dope if we could save builds and share with others to use," says (opens in new tab) WillisWithinYou of the following. I agree.

After some teething issues, Fortnite's Playgrounds limited-time mode relaunched yesterday (opens in new tab). I'll keep my eyes peeled for more impressive 60 minute ventures, but please share your own favourites in the comments below.