Fortnite's 'loot llama' update has been delayed

The Fortnite 3.3 update, the one that will add loot llamas (lloot?) and remove smoke grenades, was meant to be out sometime today. But it looks like that's not going to happen. 

Epic hasn't said what led to the delay, nor how long it might last: A forum post announcing the postponement says exactly the same thing as the tweet, no more and no less. So obviously there's still time for it to arrive "today," although given the delay warning I suspect that's not likely. 

My guess is that it won't be a terribly long wait, though: Epic dropped another tweet showcasing the loot-laden llamas in their natural environment, suggesting (to me, anyway) that we'll see them turn up soon enough. I've reached out to Epic for more information, and will update if and when I receive a reply.