Fortnite Battle Royale will add loot llamas next week, plus Xbox One crossplay coming in future

Epic Games announced this week that Fortnite is coming to mobile devices, with crossplay support between PC, iOS, Mac, PlayStation 4 and (later on) Android. Xbox One wasn't mentioned, but the developer has now confirmed that players on Microsoft's console won't be left out. Good news if you've got friends that play on Xbox One, then.

In other news, llamas are coming to Fortnite Battle Royale next week. In the game's Save the World mode they're piñatas that you can break open for loot, and I expect they'll serve the same function here. Epic said you'll find them around the Battle Royale island after next week's update, and that you'll interact with them as you would do a chest.

In the latest developer update video, which you can watch in full below, Epic also said it's removing smoke grenades from the game because not enough people are using them. They'll enter "the vault", which basically means they have a chance to make it back into the game after their stats have been tweaked—it's the same thing that happened to SMGs last month.

The team is still trying to land on the right formula for jetpacks, which were meant to arrive last week but were delayed, so expect to wait a little while longer. 

Lastly, the game's new mode featuring five teams of 20 players (fittingly called Teams of 20) is now live. You can expect a higher chest spawn rate, less time between circles and more airdrops. 

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Samuel Horti

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