Fortnite Week 10 Challenge: Where to find golden pipe wrenches

fortnite midas golden wrench locations

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Fortnite week 10 is here, plus a new batch of challenges from the man with the golden hand, Midas. One of week 10's more difficult challenges is to find 5 golden pipe wrenches. Where do you need to look? Read on for our full guide to this week 10 mission.

Here's a map of every golden wrench location.

fortnite midas golden wrench locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Golden wrench location 1: Under the main pipes at Dirty Docks.

Golden wrench location 2: At the pipeman structure at the southernmost portion of the map.

Golden wrench location 3: In the middle of Shanty Town, close to Slurpy Swamp.

Golden wrench location 4: The top of the lighthouse at the northern end of the map.

Golden wrench location 5: Between the stacks at Steamy Stacks.

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Assuming you've reached battle pass level 100, completing this challenge will get you one step closer to choosing Shadow or Ghost for Midas, giving him either a black or white outfit. Either way, he looks pretty sharp.

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