How to get Spider-Man's web shooters in Fortnite, and how to use them

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Spider-Man's web shooters have arrived in Fortnite Chapter 3, and they offer up one of the greatest ways to get around the map, escape from a firefight, or just goof a few dozen meters into the air.

Spider-Man's web shooters are also a new mythic item, so they're a bit tricky to find. Lucky for you, we've done all the web-slinging and shooting for you to figure out the best spots to find web shooters.

We've also spent enough time with the web shooters to get a good feel for how to use them in combat and while adventuring around the map.

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Web shooter locations in Fortnite: Where to find Spider-Man's backpacks

Spider-Man's web shooters can be found in backpacks stowed by the web-slinger himself. If you ever played Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4/PS5, you may remember that Peter Parker stashed a laughable amount of backpacks around New York City (the in-universe logic is he won "a year's supply of backpacks," which is just stupid enough to sound true), and stashed collectibles inside. In Fortnite, he's stashed the web shooters along with some random basic loot, like a weapon, ammo, or building materials.

Here's what one looks like in the wild.

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Note that the web shooters have a 90% spawn rate from these backpacks, and there are two versions: one with unlimited shots and one with only 80 shots in total.

Here's where you can find spiderwebs around the Fortnite map, thanks to a helpful guide created by HypeX.

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How to use Spider-Man's web shooters in Fortnite

Spider-Man's web shooters are easily one of the most interesting items added to Fortnite in years. Not only do they open up a wealth of traversal options, they're also absurdly fun to use—even more than the witch broom from Fortnitemares.

Like we mentioned above, there are two versions of the web shooters: an infinite ammo type and one with only 80 shots.

When you equip the Web Shooters, you'll see a reticle in the center of your screen with four segments.

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Aim at any solid object (including animals and vehicles) to latch onto them and you'll be automatically thrust forward to swing, in a similar way to the PS4 Spider-Man game.

As long as you continue to land web shots on objects, you'll more or less continue swinging. It's only when you hit the ground (usually because you end up in a flat stretch of land with nothing good to latch onto) that your recharge bar will start refilling. If you've shot a few web ropes, you'll have to wait about five seconds to fully recharge. Fewer shots equals less recharge time.

Thankfully, landing on the ground after a web swing doesn't deal damage. If it did, you'd be deader than the spiders who crawl around my shower.

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