How to get the Fortnite Crown

fortnite crown
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The Fortnite Crown is a new form of bragging rights in Fortnite Chapter 3. You'll be bestowed with a particularly shiny visage to let other players know you're the least for now.

It's definitely going to put a target on your back, though. So make sure you know how to get a Fortnite Crown and how to keep it before going for the throat. Thankfully, you'll also be bestowed with some bonuses for possessing a crown.

Read on for the full guide.

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How to get a Fortnite Crown

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There are two primary methods for getting a Fortnite Crown. The first is placing high enough in a battle royale match, and the second is eliminating a current crown holder.

Here's how you need to place to earn a crown:

Solo: Top four players
Duos: Players in the top two teams.
Trios: Players in the top team.
Squads: Players in the top team.

So if you want to just steal a crown from another player who already has one, how do you know who to hunt?

Every player holding a crown will have a shining aura around them, making them stand out from other players.

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If you manage to eliminate that player, part of the loot they'll drop is the Fortnite Crown. It looks like a small golden circle, and you can pick it up like any other item.

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Fortnite Crown: What reward you get

Other than bragging rights, holding onto a crown will reward you with bonus XP throughout a match, perfect for battle pass grinding.

If you win a match while holding a crown, you'll receive a special emote that shows off how many battle royales you've won while crowned during the season. As Fortnite Chapter 3's inaugural season continues, expect to see players competing for higher and higher counts.

That's it for Fortnite Crowns. Remember that Chapter 3 has also added sliding to Fortnite to help you get around faster, and here's everything else we know about Fortnite Chatper 3.

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