An upcoming Fortnite skin looks like the long lost bestie of Overwatch's Widowmaker

Content update v6.1 brings some interesting changes to Fortnite, including a new two-person ATV designed for demolition and a tournament mode with built-in matchmaking. Season 6 has already been a busy one for Fortnite, and while all the additions and continual changes are welcome, let's remember why we're really here: digital clothing. 

As is tradition these days, dataminers have already sifted through everything buried in update v6.1 to find the upcoming cosmetics likely to hit the store in the next couple weeks. Seeing that it's been a fairly spooky season so far, the new skins follow the Halloween theme with two spider skins, a cozy looking onesie skin for that brisk fall weather, and who else but Guan Yu, a general that served under the warlord Liu Bei in the late Eastern Han dynasty. Typical Halloween fare, really.

Have a gander below, courtesy TwoEpicBuddies.

And how about that top-right spider skin. Looks like Widowmaker's long lost twinsie, yeah? A second cousin at least.