Fortnite secret challenge: How to build the coral buddies rocket ship

Fortnite season 3 loves its secret challenges. We've already fixed up the astronaut's spaceship over by Craggy Cliffs. Before that, we helped those little coral buddies build a new temple. Now we've got yet another secret challenge for week 8, and this time we're helping the coral buddies build a rocket ship. Where are they going? Who cares? They're cute and there's XP to earn.

We've put together this guide to show you where to go to start this secret challenge and what you need to do to complete it.

fortnite secret challenge coral buddies rocket ship

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Where to start the coral buddies rocket ship secret challenge

If you finished the original coral buddies secret challenge two weeks ago, then you probably know where to look. The coral buddies primarily live on a very small series of islands in the very northwest corner of the map, just west of the lighthouse and just north of the newly christened Shark Shell. This is where you'll need to go to complete the challenge. Here's a map if you need it:

fortnite secret challenge coral buddies rocket ship

(Image credit: Epic Games)

But wait! Before you actually head there, you need 100 metal to donate to the coral buddies for their rocket ship. This is easy enough. Just land at the nearby lighthouse or the Shark Shell and collect 100 metal. There's enough there that it should only take you a minute or so. There really isn't any source of metal on the coral buddies' island itself, so you'll have to make the short swim, or just grab the boat from the Shark's mouth.

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Then swim on over to the coral buddies' island, find the launch tower (standing at an immense two feet in height) and interact with it to donate the metal. A rocket ship will appear and blast off into the sky. Goodbye, my friends. You were adorable and disturbing at the same time.

For your trouble, you'll get 25,000 XP. That's not quite the 30-35,000 XP other major challenges have given in the past, but it's still a nice reward for what basically amounts to a minute of work.

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