How to complete Fortnite Nindo challenges and earn the free Kurama glider

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The Fortnite Nindo challenges are here, all as part of the Fortnite x Naruto crossover event. Completing the Nindo challenges are your ticket to earning some free Naruto cosmetics, including four different emoticons and even the Kurama glider. That's right, you too can be riding a giant fox demon into battle for free. Video games are wild, man.

Below, we've got a guide on how to complete the Fortnite Nindo challenges. If you didn't know, "Nindo" means "Ninja Way," which makes perfect sense for a Naruto crossover, since his journey is all about becoming the president of ninjas.

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Fortnite Nindo challenges: first steps

Your first step in completing Fortnite's Nindo challenges is to go to the official Fortnite website ( and sign up with your account. This will let Epic track your progress and send you your rewards.

The Nindo challenges will take place from Wednesday November 17 to the end of Sunday November 21. A new reward will be available each day.

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RewardHow to get it
Naruto emoticonEarn at least one point on day 1
Sakura emoticonEarn at least one point on day 2
Sasuke emoticonEarn at least one point on day 3
Kakashi emoticonEarn at least one point on day 4
Kurama gliderComplete a daily milestone (earn at least 35 points in one day)
Shinobi Teamwork loading screenComplete a daily milestone (earn at least 35 points in one day)

Worried about missing one of the rewards? Good news: You can still earn them if you get at least two points on day 5 of the Nindo challenges.

How to get a free Kurama glider in Fortnite Nindo

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So how you get yourself a free Kurama glider and ride the nine-tailed fox to battle royale glory? You'll need to earn 35 points in one day. How do you earn points? By getting eliminations. Yep, that means you'll need to get a whopping 35 eliminations in one day.

I'm uncertain if you can gain Nindo points in Fortnite's Team Rumble mode, but it goes without saying that that would be one of the easier ways to score eliminations since you're able to respawn and fight against a larger team of enemy players.

If you fail the Nindo challenges or just don't feel like participating, you can always pick up the Kurama glider in the Fortnite item shop for some V-bucks.

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