Where to scout a UFO crash site in Fortnite

scout a ufo crash site
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For some reason, Naruto's sensei Kakashi wants you to scout a UFO crash site. No, you're not having a fever dream. It's just the latest Fortnite quest now that Naruto is finally a skin in Fortnite, alongside Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura.

Kakashi has been added as an NPC you can interact with, and he's accompanied by a new quest punch card with challenges you can complete for bonus XP to level up your battle pass.

The first of these challenges is to scout a UFO crash site. Why does a ninja need to investigate an alien transport? Beats me, but it's easy enough once you know where to go and what to do.

Read on for our full guide on how to scout a UFO crash site in Fortnite.

Kakashi NPC location in Fortnite

To kick off the new quest punch card, you need to find Kakashi and speak with him. He's wandering around directly north of Misty Meadows, across the lake and west of Lazy Lake.

After speaking with Kakashi and activating the first quest, head east to the cliff next to the waterfall near the UFO crash site, as seen in the pic below. You'll find a time trial icon there, and interacting with it will start the challenge proper. Keep in mind that you're on a limited timer during this challenge, so move fast after starting.

It's also worth noting you can see other UFO crash sites on your map, but this is easily the closest to Kakashi's location. So you can scout those locations if you want, but we've found this one to be relatively easy.

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UFO crash site: Time trial icon locations

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The image above highlights the locations of each time trial icon. Keep in mind that a couple of them are suspended in the air, with some in the actual purple slipstream. You can trigger your glider by flying out of the slipstream, which will make some of these easier to obtain.

After starting the time trial, drop down the cliffside and swim across the water. Directly ahead you'll find the first time trial icon along the water. Then head left to enter the slipstream. Ride it for couple seconds and you'll automatically fly into the second time trial icon.

As you turn the corner in the slipstream, you'll see the third icon to the left. Fly out and land on the crashed UFO wreckage to collect it. Keep heading straight after that and drop down to the ground. You'll see a fourth icon right next to a bounce pad.

After grabbing that icon, use the bounce pad to get launched back into the slipstream. It will take you further southwest to the edge of Misty Meadows. You'll see three icons as you hit Misty Meadows, with one up on a hill that you should be able to fly to from the top of the slipstream. Grab that icon then head down the hill.

Use the bounce pad at the bottom to grab the icon that's suspend a few meters in the air, then head back to the ground and grab the icon that was sitting nearby. There's a final icon located below the slipstream on the ground level, sitting in a little tunnel within eyesight of the second-to-last icon.

Once you've collected all of those icons (eight in total), you've successfully completed the challenge. Kakashi-sensei would be proud.

Don't forget to check out our Fortnite guides for more quest walkthroughs. You can also check out all the Naruto skins and cosmetics available in the item shop now.

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