Where to find paper bomb kunai in Fortnite x Naruto

fortnite paper bomb kunai
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The paper bomb kunai is Fortnite's newest weapon; an honest-to-god throwable melee weapon! Although it acts sort of like an impact grenade, it's nonetheless cool to see the iconic ninja weapon as part of the Fortnite x Naruto crossover event. The new collab has brought the cast of Naruto to Fortnite, along with a bevy of new cosmetics.

You'll have to work to get your hands on a paper bomb kunai, though. Below, we've laid out where to find the paper bomb kunai and how to effectively use it.

Where to get paper bomb kunai in Fortnite

You've got a couple of options for finding a paper bomb kunai in Fortnite. The easiest is to just go to the Kakashi NPC north of Misty Meadows and purchase them for gold bars. Kakashi will sell you a maximum of nine paper bomb kunai, with each batch of three costing 150 gold bars.

Here's where you can find Kakashi. North of Misty Meadows, you'll find him wandering around the stone circle across the water.

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Other ways to find a paper bomb kunai include:

  • Ground loot
  • Loot chests
  • Loot llamas

The paper bomb kunai is a mythic level weapon, so don't expect to find too many of them at once. Once you've expended your paper bomb kunais, they disappear from your inventory slot, much like other throwables.

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How to use the paper bomb kunai

The benefit of the paper bomb kunai is that, unlike most other throwables, it travels in a much straighter line, relatively anyway, only descending after about 20-30 yards. This makes it ideal for close-quarters fights, especially since it can deal 35 points of damage with its explosion effect.

If the paper bomb kunai directly hits an enemy or NPC/creature, it'll automatically explode. If you just hit the environment, it'll take four seconds to explode.

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