How to gain shields with jelly beans in Fortnite

fortnite jelly beans - candy bucket
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If you're looking for Fortnite jelly beans, or if you're wondering what you're supposed to do with them once you find some, you're not alone. The latest Fortnitemares challenge asks you to "Gain shields with jelly beans" and if you're a little confused by the wording of this quest, you'll be pleased to learn that it's actually not as complicated as it sounds.

Fornitemares has introduced many Halloween-themed challenges and quests including destroying haunted furniture and taking on the Inkquisitor boss. For this particular quest, the toughest part is locating the candy so I'll explain how to find it in this guide. Here's how to gain shields with jelly beans in Fortnite. 

Fortnite jelly bean locations 

Jelly beans in Fortnite are found inside the candy buckets that are dotted around the map. These seasonal goodies are generally found next to the doors of buildings so areas like Tilted Towers or Chrome Crossroads are good options when you start looking.

Once you've found a candy bucket, interact with it to grab the goodies inside. You shouldn't have any trouble finding jelly beans this way, though be aware that other players will have the same idea so be careful.

How to gain shields with jelly beans 

Once you've found three jelly beans, the rest of this challenge is easy. Each candy consumable in Fortnite gives you a buff when eaten and jelly beans are no different. In fact, they recover ten points of your shield when consumed. This challenge is starting to make sense now, right? 

Consume jelly beans to fill up your shield—you'll see your progress in the top left of your screen—but three should do it. Good job.

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