How to find the Inkquisitor boss in Fortnite

Artwork for the Fortnite Halloween event showing a ghoulish woman with long claws.
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You'll need to find and defeat the Fortnite Inkquisitor boss if you want to grab the Mythic SMG. This boss is part of the Fortnitemares Halloween event, during which you'll also have the option to turn yourself into a werewolf—and, let's face it, why wouldn't you?

If you want to take on the Inkquisitor to complete one of the Fortnitemares quests, you'll need to head to a specific place on the map to get him to spawn. Even when you find it, this boss is pretty tricky to take down, so I'll give you some tips for that too. So if you're ready to deploy, here's where to find the Fortnite Inkquisitor and how to defeat it when you do.

Where to find the Fortnite Inkquisitor 

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First up, you'll need to make your way to Grim Gables located southwest of Shiny Sound. Head into the mineshaft in the basement of the mansion there and you should find six braziers circling a symbol on the ground.

Walk around inside the circle until the ground starts shaking and the braziers light up and the Inkquisitor will appear.

How to defeat the Inkquisitor 

The Inkquisitor boss is no pushover as it carries a Pumpkin Launcher, a seemingly endless supply of Firefly Jars, and a Mythic Suppressed SMG. He can also summon in zombies to help him, so you're going to need to be aware of your surroundings.

Your best bet is to give have a squad of friends to help you out, then each of you get as much space as possible so you can dodge out of the way of incoming Firefly Jars and other projectiles. Keep your distance and be on the look out for any summoned zombies closing in. Building can also give you some breathing space in a pinch.

You want to make sure your Shield is full before summoning this boss, and it's helpful to have a supply of them to help mitigate some of the damage you'll receive. A high-damage weapon should make the fight much shorter too.

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