Fortnite is getting a John Wick skin and challenges

It looks like gloomy assassin John Wick is returning to Fortnite. Various dataminers and leakers have shared details they've dug up about Keanu Reeves' perpetually damp character, including a Wick-inspired bounty mode and a broody skin. Maybe a trip to Fortnite's cheery, colourful island is just the rest the veteran gunman needs. 

According to Lucas7Yoshi, the John Wick skin will have a slicker regular version, before he's been shot by a hundred assassins, as well as another where Wick's looking a bit worse for wear. I hope that suit wasn't expensive. 

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The Wick's Bounty LTM and associated challenges, first ferreted out last week, will task players with hunting down enemies for their precious golden coins. Complete the challenges, like collecting 120 coins and winning games of Wick's Bounty, will net you XP, back bling and a couple of mystery rewards.

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John Wick's impending appearance has also been heralded by a change to the map, which now features a house that looks a lot like his pad from the films. A datamined line also mentions the Continental, the hotel for assassins, so that could potentially appear on the map, as well. 

It's not the first John Wick crossover in Fortnite, but it is a little bit odd. A vengeful assassin going on a murderous rampage doesn't seem like a great fit for the lighthearted battle royale, but I guess it's no more grim than chucking Thanos, a dude who wiped out half of the universe, into an LTM. 

With John Wick 3 releasing in the UK today, expect to see him making his Fortnite appearance soon. 

Cheers, Eurogamer.

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