Fortnite For the Gnomes: All telescope locations

fortnite gnome telescope locations

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Fortnite Season 2 has started introducing some secret challenges, tasking players with finding telescopes near garden gnomes and adjusting them, presumably to help the gnomes find their favorite constellation. Sounds great. So where the heck are all the telescopes?

Thankfully, it's a pretty easy challenge you can knock out in one match.

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Here's all the telescope locations in the For the Gnomes challenge.

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Telescope locations

Unlike the Ted Offensive challenge, you can just start knocking out these without finding something else to activate the challenge.

Thankfully, all the gnomes are located in the Weeping Woods area.

Gnome Telescope 1: Just outside the cabin where you went to activate the Ted Offensive challenge. West of the lake running through Weeping Woods, south of the cabin, up on a very gentle hill. You'll see two gnomes - one on a box and one on a table, and a telescope next to the table. Just interact with the telescope to check that one off.

Gnome Telescope 2: From the front door of the cabin, go across the river and head 100 yards or so east. Behind a tree, you'll find another gnome on a table and a telescope, along the edge of the river as it runs east.

fortnite gnome telescope location 2

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Gnome Telescope 3: Close to the cabin again. Just start walking west. Look for the deteriorating Tomato head and cheeseburger head props that look like they're covered in forest overgrowth. The gnome and telescope are up on a table nearby. It's almost within the sightline of telescope 1.

Gnome Telescope 4: Follow the river south from the cabin. Before you reach the covered bridge, you'll see a gnome and telescope sitting alongside the shore next to some logs.

fortnite gnome telescope locations 4

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Gnome Telescope 5: Slightly northwest of the cabin. You'll find the gnome on a table and telescope sitting against a large log.

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