Fortnite's Season 5 easter eggs feature familiar mascots, new toys, and possible new skins

Though it did literally break the world, Fortnite Season 5 didn't dramatically overhaul the map. The new season added a desert area, a golf resort and a neat Viking village, but Fortnite still feels familiar. While the broad strokes are mostly the same, there are plenty of neat little details and Easter eggs tucked away. Here are some of the best. 

Season 5 added toys, a new way to interact with the map and other players. Once you unlock the golf ball toy at level 27, for instance, you can take it to Lazy Links and play through a genuine nine-hole golf course. You can even control your shots with your camera: look up for a powerful drive, and look down for some careful putting. The best part is that when you sink a shot, the distance you shot from is recorded in the kill feed. I welcome the inevitable influx of 720-no-scope birdie YouTube montages. 

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The same is true of the basketball toy unlocked at level 11. Basketball hoops are scattered around Fortnite's map, and if you can make a shot on any of them—using the same camera controls as the golf ball—your skill be rewarded with a line in the kill feed and an explosion of confetti. In a pinch, you can also use trash cans as makeshift hoops—your shot will be recorded all the same. It's a fun little system which will almost certainly be tied to some future Battle Pass challenges, and just as certainly spawn some intense, game-deciding rounds of HORSE. 

Have you seen this landmark?  

The time rifts which appeared at the start of Season 5 played havoc with Fortnite's map, causing cracks in the sky, spawning jump pad-like miniature rifts all over the place, and sending icons like Durr Burger and Tomato Town's giant tomato head to who-knows-where. 

Some of those icons have been found in some unlikely locations, like the freshly tagged Durr Burger head which is now located east of Pleasant Park, just northwest of Loot Lake. Likewise, the sign for the NOMS Supermarket in Retail Row has gone for a bit of a walk, and can now be found partially buried in the hills northeast of Risky Reels.

Sadly, Tomato Town's massive mascot has yet to be found. At the very least, he's been memorialized by some signs around his home. Head to the Tomato Town pizzeria and you'll find two signs on top of the building where good-old Tomato Head used to be: one a somber goodbye, and the other an equally saddening portrait of the big man himself shedding a single tear. You will be missed, Tomato Head. 

The silver lining is that these sites can be a good source of loot if you get there first. Look for chests behind the NOMS sign and on top of the Tomato Town pizzeria. Besides, Tomato Head will always be with you thanks to the fuzzy dice-style ornaments on the rear-view mirror of the new golf carts. 

Life, uh, finds a way  

Between the mysterious footprint found in Snobby Shores, and past skins like Tricera Ops and Rex, Fortnite has had several prehistoric encounters already. So, it's only natural for Season 5 to add some proper dinosaurs. Tucked away in the southeast corner of the map, near a bend on the road that runs through the new desert area, are three dino-sized models: a green  Tyrannosaurus, a red Triceratops, and a purple Brontosaurus. The Brontosaurus is especially interesting. The green Tyrannosaurus and red Triceratops line up with their skins, so it's possible the purple Bronto is hinting at an upcoming skin. 

Take your golf cart for a spin  

Finally, the northeast section of the desert area has an attraction of its own. If you bring one of the new golf carts up to the race track there (look for one in the nearby garage), you can have an actual race. You might have to jimmy it a little, but when you pull up to the starting line, the timer should count down from 15. Once it hits zero and the light turns green, light rings will appear throughout the track, so get driving—and get drifting, since you build up a speed boost when you drift. Your time is recorded when you finish a lap, so like the sports toys, I'd put money on some Battle Pass challenges being tied to beating specific times. 

 A grave occurrence 

If you’re not familiar with the story of Chappadoodle, and how they got stuck on a cliffside overlooking the sea, you really need to catch up. One player recorded their heroic attempt to save Chappadoodle—and valiant it was—but ended up capturing footage of a harrowing turn of events. Watch the video for yourself. Share the pain, and then you’ll understand why there’s a gravestone there now. Epic added it as an ode to Chappadoodle after the video went viral. May it always remind us to love one another, and that life is a swirling torrent of luck. Damn you, RNG.  

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