'The greatest rescue mission in Fortnite' memorialized with tombstone Easter egg

Last week, a Fortnite player by the name of Chappadoodle managed to strand himself at the bottom of a cliff. YouTuber Muselk happened to be in the neighborhood and tried to rescue Chappadoodle, but one thing led to another and he accidentally killed Chappadoodle with a golf cart instead. The hilariously botched rescue mission captured the attention of the Fortnite community, and it looks like developer Epic Games enjoyed it as well: as Reddit user StoreBrandEnigma noticed, a new Easter egg dedicated to the so-called "greatest rescue mission in Fortnite" has been added at the site of Chappadoodle's death. 

A grave marker is only fitting, but my favorite part of the Easter egg is the nearby pile of tires. Chappadoodle was stuck because he was below the build limit, and Muselk's plan was to use the bouncy roof of a golf cart to bounce him above the build limit and onto a makeshift staircase. That didn't go as planned, but the idea was solid, and thanks to the new tires, nobody will ever have to suffer Chappadoodle's fate ever again. 

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