Where to stoke a campfire in Fortnite

fortnite campfire locations
(Image credit: Epic Games)

How do you stoke a campfire in Fortnite? As part of Epic Games' festive event, there are plenty of upcoming Fortnite Winterfest challenges to help you earn plenty of rewards. And not only that, you can open bonus Fortnite presents every day for the next two weeks.

One of the challenges directs you to find one of the various Fortnite campfire locations and get one all nice and toasty somewhere on the map. Good news: There are lots of them on the Fortnite Chapter 2 map. Here's where to find a Cozy Campfire in Fortnite to get this challenge done and dusted.

Fortnite campfire locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You'll find most campfires along the coasts, but there's good groupings in Craggy Cliffs and the small islands in the northwest.

All you need to do is walk up to the campfire and interact with it to stoke the campfire. This task is an especially good one to tackle as a team: gather your co-op buddies around the lit flame to restore 2HP a second for 25 seconds for each of them simultaneously.

Congratulations, you've brought some Christmas cheer to Fortnite and completed the challenge. If you're looking for some help with the other seasonal missions, here are the rest of them:

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