Fortnite brings back the devastating Infinity Blade

Fortnite's Infinity Blade, which sowed chaos during the Winter Royale and was subsequently vaulted a couple of days later, has now returned to the battle royale, but with some tweaks and locked inside a separate mode.  

The weapon appeared in December as part of the seasonal event. A magic sword, it turned the wielder into a nearly unstoppable killing machine, which sounds great but isn't exactly balanced. Its introduction also coincided with the North American Winter Royale qualifiers, frustrating players who were duking it out over $1 million. 

Now that it's back, it will only make an appearance in the Sword Fight limited time mode. This new mode is for squads and, instead of transforming one player into a sword-wielding deity, multiple players can whack each other with the mystical weapon. 

The good news is that it's still stupidly powerful.

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Cheers, Eurogamer

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