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Where to search between a film camera, stone head, and big rig in Fortnite

Fortnite basement film camera snowy stone head flashy gold big rig
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Where do I search between a basement film camera, snowy stone head, and a flashy gold big rig in Fortnite? That's undoubtedly the question plenty of battle royale-likers will be asking now that the new Fortnite Blockbuster challenges have dropped, and we're here to furnish you with the answer.

Even if you've only been a challenge-doer for a brief length of time, you'll well-versed in the 'search-between' type of quest. If not, there are typically three points of interest hidden away on the map, and you've got to find the middle point between them.

It can certainly be a tough ask even if you know the map like the back of your hand: finding the centre point isn't always obvious. That said, we're here to make it all nice and easy for you, so you can ensure you're progressing well with your Battle Pass ahead of it ending when Fortnite season 11 kicks off.

Fortnite: search between a basement film camera, snowy stone head, and flashy gold big rig location

So, let's disregard the locations of the three points of interest entirely and skip to the good stuff: the search between location we're looking for. When you're gliding down from the Battle Bus - after saying your thank yous to the driver, naturally - head for the metropolis of Tilted Towers/Town.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

As you can see in the screenshot above, you need to make a beeline for the ice biome. The spot you're looking for is immediately southwest of Tilted Towers and northwest of Shifty Shafts. 

Following the path southwest of Tilted will take you to a hill - on top of this is where you can pick up your hidden Battle star and claim your reward.

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