Where to find the Hero Mansion and Villain Hideout in Fortnite

fortnite hero mansion villain hideout lair
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The Fortnite Hero Mansion and Villain Hideout are both hives of rampant speculation. What brave or evil exploits took place within their now-ruined walls? Should you align yourself with the forces of benevolence, or malevolence? 

But, most importantly, we want to know where the damn buildings are on the map. Finding both structures is necessary to complete the normal section of Fortnite Blockbuster challenges and the prestige set. You need to land at both, and then search chests within them, respectively.

We're at the halfway point in the game's tenth season already, so you should get make sure you're up to date with your weekly challenges before all your unlockable cosmetics are gone for good when Fortnite season 11 launches - you have officially been warned.

Fortnite Run Down Hero Mansion location

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The mansion home to all the goodies of Fortnite has been on the map for some time, so chances are you've been in the area once or twice.

It's north of the Paradise Palms race track - the winding, snake-like shape on the far east of the map. Head north from the track past a few trees and you can't miss the ruined building of superheroes past.

Fortnite Abandoned Villain Hideout location

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This second building is in a well-known spot, too - it was the site of the rocket launch from season 4. It can be found in the hills northeast of Snobby Shores. If you land at that named area, you may well have to build your way up to it. 

When it comes to discovering chests for the prestige variant of this challenge, your best bet is to descend to the lower levels.

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