Football Manager 2018 marks England's first World Cup game with a 66% sale

The FIFA World Cup 2018 kicked off last week, and, to mark England's first game against Tunisia this evening, Football Manager is on sale on Steam. From now through July 16, FM 2018 costs 66 percent less its normal price—a number presumably inspired by the England international team's greatest achievement

Seriously lads, let it go (says the Scotsman whose international team hasn't even qualified for a tournament since France '98). 

With that discount, Football Manager 18 costs just £12.92/$17, which is a great price for a game brimming with stats, figures, players and, for the first time this year, dynamic personal relationships. As pulled from our 89-scored review, here's more on that last part:   

Off the pitch is where the Dynamics system shines. In FM 2018 success in the dressing room affects success on the pitch. A fractured team is less likely to gel on match day, and, via its own dedicated sidebar tab and corresponding window, you’re now forced to balance ‘Match Cohesion’, ‘Dressing Room Atmosphere’, and ‘Managerial Support’. Each criterion is interlinked: winning games boosts Match Cohesion, which boosts Dressing Room Atmosphere, which boosts your team’s Managerial Support, which makes players try harder to win games, and so on. 

A ‘Hierarchy’ screen ranks players by influence in the dressing room, wherein social groupings are determined by a number of variables—be that nationality, time spent at the club, and/or age, among a number of other factors. Upset a team leader or highly influential player and be prepared to pay the price. 

FM 2018's dynamic system is ripe for story generation—which has always been my favourite thing about the series. 

Speaking of stories, this tale about a Championship Manager player who travelled from China to England to meet his team is fascinating. But not nearly as fascinating as why and/or how anyone in the history of football and music thought this was a good idea:

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