First-person horror game Maid of Sker shows off new gameplay at the Future Games Show

VIDEO: Maid of Sker, featured on the Future Games Show, also on YouTube

Maid of Sker was announced in 2018 as an "extremely British horror game," based on Welsh folklore about the real-life Sker House. At the Future Games Show today, developer Wales Interactive unveiled a new video showcasing first-person exploration and survival horror in a remote, and very creepy, hotel.

The game is set in the year 1898, and tells the tale of "a family empire driven by torture, slavery, piracy and a supernatural mystery." The Steam page promises a "re-imagining of famous Welsh hymns Calon Lân (A Pure Heart), Suo-Gân (Welsh Lullaby) and Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through the Night) from the spine-chilling voice of Tia Kalmaru," which I have to admit I'm not familiar with, and also features a plot by the writers of games including Soma and Don't Knock Twice.

Maid of Sker is expected to be out in July on Steam. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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