First of PC Gamer Weekender's lineup to be unveiled at this week's Golden Joystick Awards

If my calculations are correct, I make it just 93 days till next year's PC Gamer Weekender—our second annual weekend-long event in the heart of London that celebrates all things PC gaming. 

At this year's inaugural gathering our tech experts shared their enlightened PC-building wisdom, some of the best developers in the world held presentations, and attendees competed in tournaments and got the chance to sample a host of top unreleased games—not least the HTC Vive months before it landed in Europe. It'll be more of the same next year (yes, Chris is streaming the entire thing again) with the first of the early accessible games to be revealed at this week's Golden Joysticks Awards. 

The Golden Joysticks, aka the videogame Oscars, is this Friday, November 18th. You can watch the winners via the Golden Joystick Awards 2016 live stream—the broadcast begins at 7am PT/3pm GMT. 

The PC Gamer Weekend, on the other hand, is set to run the weekend of February 18-19 in the Olympia London. Tickets are on sale now at the early bird price of £9.99, and they come with a free digital edition of the February 2017 PC Gamer. 

The two-day Weekender+ ticket is even better value for 2017, and will include all sorts of extras including exclusive early access to the show. For show news and announcements, check out the PC Gamer Weekender website, and follow us our PC Gamer Weekender Twitter account. Again, if you can't make it, Chris will be streaming the whole thing without a break. Poor guy. 

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