Where to find the car parts in Fortnite

fortnite find car parts
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Where are the car parts in Fortnite? It turns out that, even with such a small amount of time in the new season having passed, Dummy is already back to his funny business. He's destroyed another vehicle, and you have to find all the different parts of it to help out Sparkplug.

Stuck on finding any of the three total Fortnite car parts? I'm here to help. Each battered component can be found either in the eastern port location of Dirty Docks, or right nearby.

Let's get to it: Here are all of the car part locations, so you can race around to pick them up.

Fortnite car parts locations

Let's start our collectible-hunting journey in Compact Cars, the junkyard just west of Dirty Docks. It makes sense, really. Although there are probably hundreds of parts that'll do the job here, you have to find two specific ones.

For the first car part, travel to the southwest corner of the junkyard. Between the orange crusher and some corrugated iron is where you need to go.

For the second car part, head over to the opposite corner of Compact Cars, the northeastern side. This part is between a stack of crushed cars and  some piping.

For the third part, you'll need to make the short hop towards Dirty Docks. This one is a little tough, but start your scavenging to the southeast of this area. Near a parked lorry you'll find a stack of blue and green shipping containers, with a yellow container near those. The final part is in the green container.

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