Ferret Scoundrels, the game about pirates who are ferrets, comes to Early Access this week

Ferret Scoundrels, the game about adorable little weasel-type creatures who ply the seas in search of plunder, will launch into Steam Early Access on May 9. Developer Cryogenic Entertainment said the demo it released in April "was a great success," and it is now working on fixing bugs and adding new features. 

"With the communities help, we have already implemented new features and quality of life improvements. A big addition is an introductory story, which lays the foundation for an ongoing adventure and helps introduce new players to the game," the studio wrote

"The release into Early Access is just the beginning of our journey. We'll be adding more and more content and functionality to the game over time with input from the community." 

Ferret Scoundrels, in case there is any doubt, really is a game based on the golden age of piracy, except all the pirates are ferrets. Why? Because ferrets are cute and cool, I guess. Otters are arguably a better choice given their natural affinity for water, but they lack the famous predatory viciousness of ferrets, and we're not talking about some kind of furry yacht racing here. This is piracy

The free Ferret Scoundrels demo will be available on Steam until the Early Access release goes live. Find out more at ferretscoundrels.com

Andy Chalk

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