Explore Fortnite Season 5's new locations up close with this neat replay system cinematic

Here's everything we know about Fortnite Season 5—including its new Paradise Palms, desert and Lazy Links locations. Within the latter, you'll find a surplus of the battle royale's new All Terrain Karts. Within the former, you'll find a race track ideal for putting them to the test. 

After posting about his awesome player-made superhero film earlier today, Sonny Evans sent us the replay system cinematic above that shows off Fortnite's newest locales. 

"The entire desert biome is a great touch," Evans tells us. "That place used to be Moisty Mire which was a gigantic swamp holding a lot of nothing. Getting rid of that and making more points of interest was very smart. 

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"I love that, Paradise Palms, Lazy Links and all the little Easter eggs and throwbacks to Season 4. At the end of Season 4, rifts started opening up all across the world making certain things disappear over time. The big tomato head in Tomato Town vanished, the sign above a grocery store in Retail Row as well. All of those things that disappeared are scattered all across the map now." 

Now, I'm sure you'll explore the latest layouts first-hand—I'm sure plenty of you already have—but I reckon it's nice to be shown around at a leisurely pace, without the worry of some bastard sniping you from the bushes. 

Perhaps that's just me. I'll claim that elusive Victory Royale one day.