This player-made Fortnite superhero film is awesome

Last week, Epic kicked off its #FortniteBlockbuster—a contest designed to put players' filmmaking skills to the test. "Every hero needs a story and we invite you to show us yours," said the dev. "Use the Fortnite replay system and a little in-game movie set magic to make a blockbuster hit highlighting the heroes of Season 4 and their adventures."

Entries are now closed (Epic is judging the contest behind closed doors), but Sonny Evans' 'The Final Fight' is great. We've posted about Evans' neat Nat Geo-style PUBG nature documentaries in the past, but this is something special. 

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In five minutes, The Final Fight tells the tale of Carbide's final mission to infiltrate the missile silo. There, he meets Omega and his minions for a final showdown, "before the the world as we know it ends and Season 5 begins." 

Check it out:

Contest finalists will receive V-Bucks, while a grand prize winner will have their creation featured in-game, presented to the Fortnite community on the Risky Reels screen. They'll also have the title of their film displayed on a marquee and a poster of their film shown in-game. 

Judged across three headings—Creativity, Mastery and Fortnite-ness—entries must capture the essence of Fortnite, show replay system skills, and display an understanding of the battle royale's fourth season. Again, entries for #FortniteBlockbuster are now closed, but head this way for more information on the process. Check out more contest entries on YouTube