Every game at E3 2017 and its PC outlook


Coming to PC? Adorably, yes
When's it out? 2018

Cute-as-hell farming and critter-collecting game Ooblets from developer Glumberland, is part Stardew Valley, part Animal Crossing, and 100% adorable. Build a farm, experience town life, build and decorate your home, battle and train creatures, explore, farm, dress up, make friends, and lots more. It looks to be packed with activities and distractions, and cute ones at that. The new trailer below comes by way of the PC Gaming Show.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Coming to PC? Aye
When's it out? October 27, 2017

It’s a game about shooting Nazis, of course. Some people say there are too many games about shooting Nazis, but we say: nope. This sequel to the 2014 reboot sees BJ Blazkowicz taking the fight to the United States, and will feature more ludicrous, unrealistic weaponry compared to its predecessor. MachineGames doesn’t seem to be departing from the relatively linear, narrative focused template it established with The New Order, but the studio has also proven it doesn’t really need to.

The Evil Within 2

Coming to PC? Yes
When's it out? October (Friday) 13, 2017, naturally

Sebastian Castellanos returns for another round of gore and horror, the poor guy. No one believed his version of the events of the first game, and he's been kicked off the police force and has slipped into alcoholism, even as he continues on a quest to unearth the truth of his experiences and find his daughter, Lily. With Shinji Mikami at the helm once again, we can expect plenty of bizarre and twisted locations, characters, and story twists, plus no small amount of scares.

Doom VFR

Coming to PC? Yes, but only Vive support confirmed as yet
When's it out? Later this year

In the vein of Epic's Robo Recall, Bethesda showed a VR-exclusive version of Doom at its showcase this year. It's coming to the Vive and PSVR and uses teleportation for movement. Expect the weapons and enemies of 2016's Doom, but in what form we're not exactly sure. Could be levels, could be wave-based survival. The 'F' stands for a bad word.

Fallout 4 VR

Coming to PC? Yeah, SteamVR - Vive support listed for now
When's it out? October, 2017

It's Fallout 4! In VR! Notably, the whole game, not a spun-off experience. At launch, there's no word about Oculus Rift support; Bethesda says it's coming to the HTC Vive. Also, from what we can tell on Steam, this is a separate, full-price version of Fallout 4, so you won't just be able to boot up your existing copy in VR. We'll see if Bethesda gives copies away (or gives a discount) to existing Fallout 4 owners.

Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider

Coming to PC? Sure is
When's it out? September 15, 2017

This is not an expansion: it’s a standalone, budget-priced Dishonored game starring ex-Whalers lieutenant Billie Lurk. The best thing about playing as a new protagonist will be, of course, the new powers, and Billie appears to have some cool ones: for instance the ‘displace’ ability which allows movement through walls. We don’t know how substantial this outing will be compared to the main Dishonored games, but more time spent in this universe is welcome.

Skull and Bones

Coming to PC? Yup
When's it out? Fall 2018, playable beta sign-ups this way

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag was the best Assasin's Creed game, but it would've been even better with more pirating and less assassining. I'd almost given up hope that Ubisoft was going to take that great pirate ship core and spin it out into its own game, but it finally happened with Skull and Bones, due out late next year. Unlike Black Flag, though, it's not a singleplayer story-driven sandbox; Skull and Bones is a multiplayer-focused game that sounds a bit like The Division in structure. The ship combat already looks great, but the rest of the game is an open question.

The Crew 2

Coming to PC? Yes
When's it out? Early 2018, beta sign-ups are incoming

There's more than just cars this time around: the trailer for The Crew 2 is full of planes, boats, and motorcycles speeding across an open-world United States. From New York to San Francisco, from the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon, your goal, according to the trailer, is to become "the greatest champion of all motorsports." 

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Coming to PC? Signs point to yes
When's it out? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine

It was a tearful reveal for creator Michel Ancel, who's been trying to get Beyond Good and Evil 2 made, in some form, for about 15 years now. The trailer above features a lot more F-bombs and a pretty different tone than the first Beyond Good and Evil, but its colorful sci-fi setting definitely feels in line. According to Ancel, his team has been working for the past three years just to build the technology necessary to create a sprawling sci-fi epic, which means there isn't really a game here yet. Hopefully there will be one, someday. For now, fans can join a sort of Early Access-style feedback program to help shape the game.

Far Cry 5

Coming to PC? Mos def
When's it out? February 27, 2018 

There’s a lot of noise being made about Far Cry 5’s actually quite goofy rural American setting, as well as some of its themes. But the Far Cry format looks certain to remain the same: charge around a mostly rural open world, kill things, blow things up, drive cars into things (as a means to blow things up). Only this time you’ve got a pet dog and there’s apparently fighter planes as well. How will the local authorities react to raining terror?

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