Every game at E3 2017 and its PC outlook


Coming to PC? Yes
When's it out? 2017

This Battletech outing is a return to the series’ tactical roots, and will boast a single-player mercenary campaign, as well as a skirmish mode for both single-player and online play. The turn-based instalment will release thanks to a very popular (and lucrative) Kickstarter campaign, and it’s due to release exclusively for PC this year.


Coming to PC? Yes
When's it out? 2018

A Zelda-inspired adventure game with its own confident and beautiful isometric art style, Tunic's new name (it was formerly Secret Legend) was announced at the PC Gaming Show. Also, the main character is a fox. A fox with a sword! And also a tunic. He's a little charmer, but when the sword comes out the action's surprisingly snappy, with quick swings and quicker dodge rolls. This is one to keep an eye on.


Coming to PC? Yes
When's it out? Early 2018, says the game’s Steam page

Klei's being tight-lipped about its new game, which debuted at the PC Gaming Show, but damn if we aren't intrigued. It sure looks like an RPG, with talking and turn-based combat, but beyond that we're just guessing. Are you traveling to multiple alien worlds, or adventuring across one clearly multicultural planet? What's it play like outside of combat? What's it play like in combat? All we really know is, cool 2D art, as usual for Klei.


Coming to PC? Yes
When's it out? A Bohemia Incubator game, Ylands is already available in pre-release form for $10. It'll launch into Steam Early Access later this summer.

Survival games are a crowded genre, but Ylands has low-poly cuteness on its side. It's a big ol' sandbox adventure game with deformable terrain, mining, fishing, and all that good jazz. More importantly, there are propeller jetpacks.


Coming to PC? Yes
When's it out? “2017!”, says its website

Sure, Wargroove is heavily inspired by Advance Wars, but we're excited about its potential for moddability on PC and the mapmaker demonstrated at the PC Gaming Show in the video below. Not only can you design maps, but you can design campaigns. Branching campaigns, with scripted events. And then share them online. People are going to be making cool shit in this game immediately

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

Coming to PC? Hell yes
When's it out? No word yet, but beta sign-ups are here

The final announcement on The PC Gaming Show was a thrilling one: a 4K remaster of Age of Empires, one of the most celebrated and influential real-time strategy games ever made. 20 years after its release, players will be able to re-experience it—or try it for the first time—with new graphics, a remastered soundtrack, and improved gameplay. A classic of PC gaming, reborn.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord 

Coming to PC? Of course
When's it out? They won't say

Taleworlds is still being mum about when its sandbox RPG will hit PC, but everything we've seen of it has us excited for more massive battles. With graphics that look blessedly improved over the original's, plus new features like advanced formations, better battlefield AI, a directional shield blocking system and chained attacks, we're champing at the bit more than a terrified cavalry horse to get our hands on it. This E3 blessed us with two new videos and hands-on impressions.


Coming to PC? Unless the moon explodes
When's it out? August 8, 2017

Boss Key's frenetic multiplayer FPS will arrive this August following its final closed beta in early July, as announced during the PC Gaming Show. Cliff Bleszinski has says he's not attempting to take on Overwatch, but we'll soon see if Lawbreakers manages to stand out—our hands-on time with the shooter has proved enjoyable, and the $30 price tag should help.

Need for Speed Payback

Coming to PC? Check
When's it out? November 10, 2017

Racing, by way of The Fast and the Furious? That seems to be the vibe of the new Need For Speed, which showed off a heist sequence in its E3 presentation. Recent PC Need For Speeds have had some PC issues, so hopefully that's not the case for Payback.


Coming to PC? Yep
When's it out? September 29, 2017

The trusty annual football (or soccer) game is definitely coming to PC, and along with the expected graphical improvements, it’ll also boast more detailed player traits and even better dribbling than ever before. One can never stop perfecting dribbling. 

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