Encanto is finally getting its moment in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Olaf, the main character and Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
(Image credit: Gameloft)

Gameloft has been pushing out some consistently ace updates to Disney Dreamlight Valley, the best Animal Crossing-like you can get on PC. We already know features like multiplayer are in the works, and characters across the House of Mouse are being regularly added. A February 16 update will be the turn of Encanto's Mirabel and Frozen's Olaf to join the valley. As always, the developer has dropped some nice key art with details to pick out for the new patch.

It looks like Mirabel's Casita will be the newest house available to place in the valley. It's a pretty hefty building, so those with densely packed valleys may want to clear out some room. It's also surrounded by butterflies, which we've yet to see in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It's likely just decoration around Mirabel's house, but it would be nice if it was a hint towards something like bug-catching or extra collectable companions.

There doesn't seem to be a house for Olaf, unless the mysterious cave door has something to do with him. The fact that it features some writing from the movie Atlantis, which eagle-eyed fans on the Dreamlight Valley Discord server have deciphered to spell out "enter", suggests otherwise. There are already a few Atlantis references and Atlantean writing around the valley, but it's still rather interesting. There are some footprints leading to the cave, and also a shadowy squirrel located close to the entrance. The squirrel looks like something that'll probably be found in the Forgotten Lands, the dark and spooky biome.

The next star path—Dreamlight Valley's version of a battle pass—celebrates 100 years of Disney, and it seems like a few unlockables have already been teased. Mickey and Minnie are wearing platinum outfits, along with a white bunny in a similarly themed suit.

I'm looking forward to seeing what story is brought with Mirabel and Olaf's additions and the Casita in particular looks gorgeous. It's the first Encanto character to join the game, while Olaf is the fourth character from Frozen. Beyond this February 16 update, we can expect Simba's addition in April along with a new star path once the platinum anniversary one is over.

Mollie Taylor
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