Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting multiplayer this year

Disney Dreamlight Valley player character smiles while posing with Elsa outside the castle
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Disney Dreamlight Valley has shared its roadmap for the first half of 2023 including some new characters, several star path season passes—oh, and multiplayer too. Gameloft has not given any further explanation about what kind of co-op or online multiplayer DDV will have, but it sure is right there on the plan for the year so keep your ears peeled.

Whether or not DDV would have any multiplayer was a bit of a personal goose chase for me last year. Only one mention of it seemed to exist in the wild (thanks IGN) and when I asked Gameloft about it I basically got Jedi mind tricks for an answer—these are not the features you're looking for. But apparently patience, if not perseverance, wins the day. We sure will be getting multiplayer, in some form, at some point this year.

Importantly, we don't know any specifics about what we'll be able to do in Dreamlight Valley's multiplayer yet, but as a bit of conjecture from me it sure seems like visiting your pals' islands will be the bare minimum. Beyond that, we'll have to wait and see.

As for the parts of the roadmap that are a little more concrete, Gameloft has teased a few new characters we can expect this year. Mirabel of Encanto and Olaf of Frozen seem to be the picks for a February update alongside a Disney 100th anniversary-themed star path. An April update is bringing Simba and a Disney parks star path. The early summer update appears to be teasing a prince and princess arriving together.

Dreamlight Valley is still in early access—we awarded it best early access game in PC Gamer's 2022 Game of the Year awards. As it continues adding features and characters leading up to a full release, we'll be here playing and helping you figure out how to get Buzz and Woody or unlock Stitch or find all the quests for those royal tool upgrades

(Image credit: Gameloft)
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