How to complete the Jar-Bairn quest in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Jar-Bairn
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Want to know where to find Jar-Bairn in Elden Ring? Added the first major patch, this new NPC has his own quest, which intertwines with a few others. It's found in Jarburg, but if you're scratching your head trying to figure out where that is, I've got you covered.

Jar-Bairn's quest ties in heavily with that of Alexander, the pot boy found in Limgrave and Diallos, the Jon Snow lookalike initially found in Roundtable Hold. I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum but click away now if you don't want to risk it. Here's where to find the new Elden Ring Jar-Bairn NPC so you can start their questline. 

Elden Ring Jar-Bairn location: Where to find this NPC 

You can find Jar-Bairn at Jarburg in Liurnia of the Lakes. The easiest way to get here is to fast travel to the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace to the southeast of Raya Lucaria Academy. From there, ride up the slope to the north then cross over to the cliff to the east, directly south of the Carian Study Hall. You can skirt around and avoid the Tibia Mariner boss found in the immediate area. The screenshots below should help you pinpoint the location.

From here, look over the side of the cliff to find the stone slabs you can jump on. You'll need to traverse several of these to drop down to the area below. You should be able to see a Site of Grace on the ground near a house. A couple of the jumps are pretty tricky and you'll need to use Torrent for at least one of them. Once you're safely down, activate the Jarburg Site of Grace.

You can find Jar-Bairn just to the north, sitting in front of a stone house. Talk to them and they'll ask you if you're going to be the new Potentate. Choosing "I'll be your Potentate" starts the questline, but if you say you're not, you can talk to them again to change your mind.

Talk to Diallos at Jarburg 

To move to the next stage of Jar-Bairn's quest, you need to progress Diallos' questline until the point where you defeat Juno Hoslow. After this Diallos should leave Volcano Manor and arrive in Jarburg. 

You can reload the area by fast traveling away and back, then speak to Jar-Bairn again and he should mention Diallos's arrival at Jarburg. Look for Diallos inside one of the huts and talk to him to exhaust his dialogue.

Now reload the area again and talk to both Jar-Bairn and Diallos—you might have to do this a few times—until you get new dialogue. Next, use the Site of Grace to pass at least one whole night, and Jar-Bairn will move to the pathway. Speak to Jar, then speak to Diallos to learn his fate. After yet another reload, find Jar-Bairn at Diallos's location and speak to them again.

Jarburg. (Image credit: From Software)

How to get the Companion Jar talisman 

You need to complete Alexander's questline for the final step here. Hand over the "Alexander's Innards" item to Jar-Bairn, then reload the area for the final time. They will give you the Companion Jar talisman as a reward, which raises the potency of throwing pots. 


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