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Looking for the Golden Scarab talisman? Just like the Covetous Serpent Rings in Dark Souls, this talisman boosts the amount of runes you can earn in-game, letting you level up faster with rune farming, and take on tougher enemies and bosses. It even works in multiplayer, and over time, those rune gains certainly add up.

This talisman is also available in a dungeon that's accessible right at the start of the game, though you may find its boss a little challenging if you choose to head right there. Still, the earlier you grab it, the faster you can level up and start getting even more. There's also a Silver Scarab you can get later on that boosts item discovery, too, for those harder to get weapons and armor drops.

Elden Ring Golden Scarab location: Where to find the Abandoned Cave

The Abandoned Cave is an Elden Ring dungeon located in Caelid and the boss here drops the Golden Scarab.

You can reach the dungeon from the Smoldering Wall site of grace along the main Caelid road. Make your way east until you reach the ravine, then head south. You should see a broken tree spanning the gap and you need to use this as a bridge to get across. Check the screenshots above to see the exact location.

This dungeon isn't particularly large, but there are a lot of Scarlet Rot pools to navigate, as well as poison-spewing enemies. You should watch out for the geysers too as these will damage you even when they erupt. When you've made it through, you'll need to face the boss—a pair of Cleanrot Knights.

Take out the knight with the spear first as quickly as you can, as he's far more dangerous, then deal with the sickle knight. Once both have been defeated, you're rewarded with the Golden Scarab talisman.

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