How to unlock boss weapons and outfits in Elden Ring

elden ring boss weapons guide
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Looking for how to unlock Elden Ring boss weapons? When you defeat a boss in Elden Ring, you'll get "Remembrance" instead of a soul. You can use these to get a bunch of runes or to craft the boss' signature weapon or spell. After Godrick has been defeated, for instance, you'll get Remembrance of the Grafted. But before you can do anything with it you'll need to find a specific NPC to help you, and we're here to show you how to unlock them.

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How to get Elden Ring boss weapons 

So, to find the NPC who'll help you, head to the Limgrave Tower Bridge Site of Grace on the east side of Stormveil Castle, past the garden with that horrific lion enemy. From there you'll have to fight east along the bridge—past three Ruin Golems—to get to the Divine Tower of Limgrave beyond. These enemies are tough, so I recommend killing the ones with halberds behind cover from the archer by slashing their ankles to bring them down. Either that or make a run for it if you're feeling overwhelmed.

After the enemies have been defeated or fled from, there's a portal you can use that jumps you across the broken sections of the bridge. Climb the tower on the other side and touch the fingers at the top, which will give you Godrick's Great Rune. Now head back to the Roundtable Hold, and you'll find the double doors at the top of the stairs are unlocked.

Climb all the way to the top of this intimidating tower to find Godrick's great rune. (Image credit: From Software)

The NPC you're looking for—Finger Reader Enia—is inside. She'll trade you any Remembrance you get from a boss for one of their spells or weapons, though it may also cost a few runes to do so.

How to get boss outfits

Getting boss outfits is way easier than getting their weapons. Once a boss has been defeated, visit Enia and see what boss gear you can buy from her. It's worth noting that not every outfit will be available, but most others can be bought for runes.


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