El Hijo's new trailer sneaks onto the PC Gaming Show

Spaghetti westerns are usually more concerned with gunslinging heroes filling gangs will bullet holes, but El Hijo is a stealth game with a six year old protagonist. You'll need to use guile, not guns, if you want to reunite El Hijo with his mother, and you can see the sneaking in action in the new trailer revealed at the PC Gaming Show. 

El Hijo's mum left him in a monastery to protect him after bandits razed their home, but the monastic life pretty dull, so he decided to escape. To avoid adults, you'll need to hide in the shadows, jump into baskets and tubs and use toys to distract people. You're a kid, so murder is replaced by mischief. 

Developer Honig Studios says that using shadows is at the core of the game, and while you'll have different mechanics to play with, it won't be heaping lots of new ones on you. Instead, variations and twists on familiar mechanics will be gradually placed in your path as the environment becomes more dangerous. 

It's striking, too, with the diorama-like levels decked out in warm, inviting colours—even when you're lurking in the shadows. Check out a few screenshots below. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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