Where to get refined metal in Dredge

Dredge refined metal - a view of a small fishing boat sailing on the ocean beneath the a large sun
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You need Dredge refined metal in order to upgrade your hull to tier 2, so you might wonder where to get this particular resource. It's a curved metal sheet that the Shipwright can use to upgrade various aspects of your fishing vessel, so you can take a few more hits or crash into a few more cliffs before your ship is completely destroyed.

Dredge tasks you with taking to the ocean and living your best fishing life by exploring a cluster of islands and getting to know the locals. It's not all plain sailing, though, as the sea hides some less-than-friendly creatures, and if you misjudge a turn while docking your boat, you risk damaging it beyond repair. It really does pay to upgrade as soon as possible, so here's where to get refined metal in Dredge to upgrade your hull.

Dredge refined metal: Where to get this resource 

There are a couple of ways to get refined metal in Dredge. One way is finding it randomly while out exploring, as it's often hidden behind blockages and will require explosives to access. A far more consistent—but more expensive—way of getting refined metal is to buy it from a merchant for $500.

The particular merchant you're looking for is the Travelling Merchant at the Dusty Pontoon outpost to the north of Gale Cliffs—check the exact location on the map above. You can then find the refined metal under the last tab at the top of the merchant's interface. If you're short on cash, your best bet is to fish and gather from the immediate area, then sell your plunder to the merchant. Once you have enough for the refined metal, there's also a Shipwright at the Dusty Pontoon, so you can upgrade your hull to tier 2 straightaway.

It's also worth noting that the area south of Gale Cliffs can be pretty dangerous, so be careful of venturing in that direction while fishing.

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