Diablo 4 world boss times and locations

Diablo 4 beta world boss — a group of Diablo 4 players in combat with Ashava, a world boss encounter.
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The Diablo 4 world boss times are one of the biggest challenges of the game so far; just when you think you've worked out when and where you've got to be to face the next one, the order changes on you. Since the game launched, players have been trying to figure out a consistent pattern, but the good news is that a rough consensus has been reached.

If you're heading into Diablo 4's endgame, you might want to know more about how the Helltide works, or the slightly random process of unlocking Nightmare Dungeons. Otherwise, here's what we know about world boss spawn times, locations, and your best bet for finding and fighting one of Sanctuary's toughest.

It's worth noting that you don't need to finish the campaign to fight a world boss, as some have suggested, but it will be significantly trickier to find them since you won't get a countdown timer on the map indicating their location.

Diablo 4 world boss spawn time

Whispers of the Dead give you a world boss countdown marker (Image credit: Blizzard)

There's been a lot of confusion around world boss times among the community, but as far as we can tell a world boss spawns approximately every six hours in Diablo 4, amounting to four world bosses per day. Since the exact time varies a little, there are no consistent boss spawn times, but there are ways of finding out in advance and making sure you don't miss when one appears. 

Once you complete the campaign, you'll unlock Whispers of the Dead; special timed activities you can do to earn Grim Favors. Since the world boss is one of these activities, you'll get a timer on the map around 30 minutes before the boss spawns. This is easy to spot, since similar to the Legion events, there'll be a bar slowly building below it, indicating how long until it starts.

If you're curious when the last world boss occurred—so you can work out when the next one will likely spawn—Game 8's Diablo 4 boss tracker Twitter account is the best tool I've seen so far, giving you an idea of when you need to be playing to catch the next boss. 

Diablo 4 world boss locations

Each boss has a marker that lets you see where its spawn is (Image credit: Blizzard)

There are currently five world boss spawn locations across Sanctuary:

  • The Crucible, Fractured Peaks
  • Caen Adar, Scosglen
  • Saraan Caldera, Dry Steppes
  • Seared Basin, Khejistan
  • Fields of Desecration, Hawezar

There's no consistent single location for each of the three bosses to spawn, so it's down to luck who you'll end up facing when the six hour mark rolls around. You can find all five spawn locations on the mapgenie Diablo 4 interactive map. Here are the three bosses you can potentially fight right now:

  • Wandering Death, Death Given Life: This is probably the easiest of the three; a giant skeleton whose two beams of light are the only attack you really need to be mindful of since they melt you in seconds.
  • Avarice, The Gold Cursed: This demon uses a treasure chest as a hammer that it swings around on a chain, so be sure to watch out for spinning attacks, plus when he disappears into a portal and re-emerges to slam someone. The bonus with this boss is you can smash his treasure chest like a piñata for more rewards at the end of the battle.
  • Ashava, The Pestilent: Since this boss was in the beta and you literally have to fight her during the campaign, I'm sure you're all very familiar. If not, you need to watch out for her arcing claw attacks, jumps, and poison breath.

Whoever you fight, you've got a chance at getting some Legendary gear and, if you're facing them on Nightmare world level, even Unique items.

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