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May 10, 2024: We added the 12 new Unique items that are arriving in season 4 on May 12 and updated each section.

Each of the Diablo 4 Unique items are powerful pieces of gear you can get in the game, enhancing your class abilities, or providing strong secondary effects. But with great power comes a greatly decreased drop rate. It's fairly rare to wrangle one of these before reaching the endgame. And it's even more rare to find one of the eight "Uber Unique" items.

The only guaranteed way to get a Unique item is to beat Blizzard's par time in The Gauntlet, a weekly dungeon with a time limit and leaderboards. If you are fast enough to earn the Seal of the Worthy (which isn't hard at level 100), the cache you receive the following week will have a 100% chance to include a Unique item.

Otherwise, Uniques can be found by opening Helltide chests, completing Nightmare Dungeons and tiers of The Pit, or by summoning endgame bosses to target farm them. Either way, here's every Diablo 4 Unique item, plus the best ways I've found of farming them in the game. If any more show up, I'll be sure to add them to the list—most recently, I added the new Unique items for the fourth season, plus info about targeting farming Unique items with endgame bosses.

How to get Unique items

Each class has their own set of Unique items (Image credit: Tyler C. / Blizzard)

Unique items drop as potential loot in all world tiers. You can get them from anything in the game, like Tree of Whispers caches, world bosses, Helltide chests, Nightmare Dungeons, and The Pit. Your best chance at seeing one will largely depend on the speed at which you can complete a particular activity, which means for most people it'll be Nightmare Dungeons.

You can also target farm specific Uniques off of ladder bosses in Diablo 4's endgame. Check out our Diablo 4 boss loot table if you want to know who drops what.

How to get Uber Unique items

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Although they're still classified as Unique items, Diablo 4 has eight "Uber Unique" items with a very low drop rate (estimated to be around 2% as of season 3). Each of these drop at item power 925, and are the only items in the game with fixed stats (there's no range of different rolls you can get). Uber Uniques have extremely powerful stats on them and equally powerful special effects, like the Harlequin Crest's bonus ranks to all your active skills.

Uber Uniques drop from level 55 monsters or higher, which means your best chance at seeing one is in world tier 3 or 4.

Nightmare Dungeons
can drop Uber Uniques as early as tier 2, but the best way to target farm them is by defeating the two endgame bosses with the highest drop chance: Echo of Duriel or Echo of Andariel. Additionally, the level 200 Tormented versions of both bosses will have an even higher chance at dropping Uber Uniques.

Uber Uniques can be salvaged at a blacksmith to receieve a Resplendent Spark. Once you have four Resplendent Sparks, you can visit an Alchemist to craft one Uber Unique of your choice. Resplendent Sparks are also available from other sources, like defeating Uber Lilith and your first level 200 Tormented Echo boss.

There were six Uber Uniques when Diablo 4 launched, and two more were added since then. Here are all eight of Diablo 4's Uber Unique items:

All Uber Unique items

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Here are the Uber Unique items for every class:

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All Uber Unique items
NameItem typeUnique aspectRequired class
DoombringerOne-handed swordLucky Hit: Up to a 25% chance to deal shadow damage to surrounding enemies and reduce their damage done by 20% for 5 seconds.Barbarian, rogue
The GrandfatherTwo-handed swordIncreases your critical strike damage by 100%.Barbarian, necromancer
Ahavarion, Spear of LycanderStaffGain a random shrine effect for 20 seconds after killing an elite enemy. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.Sorcerer, druid
Melted Heart of SeligAmuletGain 60 maximum resource. When taking damage, 75% is drained as 2 resource for every 1% of maximum life you would have lost.Any
Harlequin CrestHelmGain 20% damage reduction. In addition, gain +4 ranks to all skills.Any
Andariel's VisageHelmLucky Hit: Up to a 20% chance to trigger a poison nova that applies poisoning damage over 5 seconds to enemies in the area.Any
Ring of Starless SkiesRingSpending your primary resource reduces the resource cost of your skills and increases your damage by 10% for 3 seconds up to 40%.Any
Tyrael's MightChestWhile at full life, your skills unleash a divine barrage dealing damage.Any

All Unique items

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Here are the Uniques for every class:

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All classes
NameItem typeUnique aspectRequired class
AzurewrathOne-handed swordLucky Hit: Your skills have up to a 20% chance to freeze enemies for 3 seconds and deal cold damage to them.Barbarian, rogue, necromancer
RazorplateChestThorns has a 10% chance to deal 100-150% increased damage.Any
SoulbrandChestYour healing potion no longer heals instantly, instead it grants a barrier for 200% of the healing for 4 seconds. While you have a barrier, you gain 10-20% damage reduction.Any
Tassets of the Dawning SkyPantsWhen you take damage from a non-physical damage type, you gain 8-12% maximum resistance to that damage type for 6 seconds. This effect can only apply to one damage type at a time.Any
Tibault's WillPantsYou deal 10-20% increased damage while unstoppable and for 5 seconds after. When you become unstoppable, gain 50 of your primary resource.Any
TemerityPantsEffects that heal you beyond 100% life grant you a barrier up to 40-80% of your maximum life that lasts for 8 seconds. Potions can be used while at full life.Any
Paingorger's GauntletsGlovesDamaging enemies with a non-basic skill cst marks them for 3 seconds. When a basic skill first hits a marked enemy, the basic skill's damage is echoed to all marked enemies, dealing increased 100-200% damage.Any
Fists of FateGlovesYour attacks randomly deal 1% to 200-300% of their normal damage.Any
FrostburnGlovesLucky Hit: Up to a 15-25% chance to freeze enemies for 2 seconds.Any
FlickerstepBootsEach enemy you evade through reduces your active ultimate cooldown by 2-4 seconds, up to 10 seconds.Any
Yen's BlessingBootsCasting a skill has a 40-60% chance to cast a non-mobility, non-ultimate skill that is currently on cooldown. This effect can only occur once every 8 seconds.Any
Pentitent GreavesBootsYou leave behind a trail of frost that chills enemies. You deal 12-15% more damage to chilled enemies.Any
Banished Lord's TalismanAmuletAfter you spend 275 of your primary resource, your next core skill is guaranteed to overpower. Your critical strikes that overpower deal 20-60% increased damage.Any
Mother's EmbraceRingIf a core skill hits 4 or more enemies, 30-50% of the resource cost is refunded.Any
X'Fal's Corroded SignetRingLucky Hit: Your damage over time effects have up to a 50% chacne to erupt, dealing damage of the same type to nearby enemies.Any

Here are the Unique weapons for each class:

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Ancients' OathTwo-handed axeSteel Grasp launches two additional chains. Enemies hit are Slowed for 5 seconds.
Fields of CrimsonTwo-handed swordDamaging an enemy with Rupture creates a pool that does Bleed damage over six seconds. Enemies in the pool take 20-30% increased damage.
HellhammerTwo-handed maceUpheaval ignites the ground Burning enemies with extra damage for three seconds.
OverkillTwo-handed maceDeathblow creates a shockwave that deals additional damage. Enemies killed by this reset Deathblow.
Ramaladni's Magnum OpusSwordSkills deal increased damage per point of Fury you have, but you lose two Fury per second.
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Black RiverScytheCorpse Explosion consumes up to four additional corpses for extra damage and radius.
Bloodless ScreamTwo-handed scytheDarkness skills chill enemies. Lucky Hit: Darkness skills have 100% chance to generate 15-20 essence against Frozen enemies.
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Greatstaff of the CroneStaffClaw is now a Storm skill and also casts Stormstrike for extra damage.
Waxing GibbousAxeGain two seconds of Stealth when killing an enemy using Shred. Breaking Stealth guarantees Critical Strikes for a brief period.
FleshrenderOne-hand maceCasting a defensive skill deals damage to nearby poisoned enemies, increased by 15% for every 100 Willpower you have.
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Asheara's KhanjarDaggerHits with this weapon increase your attack speed for four seconds, stacking.
CondemnationDaggerCore skills deal increased damage when spending three Combo Points. Basic skills have a chance to generate three Combo Points.
SkyhunterBowThe first direct damage you deal to an enemy is a guaranteed critical strike. When you consume stacks of Precision casting a skill, that skill gains 20-40% increased critical strike damage and you gain 20-40 energy.
WindforceBowLucky Hit: Attacks have a chance to deal double damage and knock back the target.
EaglehornBowPenetrating Shot makes enemies hit vulnerable for 3 seconds. Every 4 casts of Penetrating Shot will fire an arrow that bounces of walls and scenery and deals 20-40% more damage.
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FlamescarWandWhile channelling Incinerate, you periodically shoot embers that home to enemies and deal Fire damage.
Staff of Endless RageStaffEvery third Fireball launches two additional projectiles.
Staff of Lam EsenStaffCharged Bolts pierce but deal less damage.
The OculusWandGain the effect of the Teleport Enchantment for free. When you Evade using Teleport Enchantment, you are taken to a random location.

Unique armor

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Here are the Unique armor pieces for each class:

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Battle TranceAmuletIncreases Frenzy's max stacks by two. Gain increased attack speed with max Frenzy.
100,000 StepsBootsAfter gaining the final damage bonus from Walking Arsenal passive, you automatically cast Ground Stomp and gain Fury once every 30 seconds.
Gohr's Devastating GripsGlovesWhirlwind explodes after its end dealing a portion of its damage as Burning to nearby enemies.
Rage of HarrogathChestLucky Hit: Inflicting bleeding on an enemy has up to a 20-40% chance to reduce the cooldowns of your skills by 1 second.
Tuskhelm of Joritz the MightyHelmetWhen you gain berserking while already berserk, you have a chance to become more enraged granting 15% (multiplicative damage) increased damage, two fury per second, and 10% cooldown reduction.
Ring of the RavenousRingRend’s duration is increased by two to four seconds. Damaging enemies with Brawling Skills applies two stacks of Rend's bleed. This effect can only occur once every four seconds per enemy.
Twin Strikes (NEW)GlovesAfter casting Double Swing four times, your next Double Swing will hit two additional times, each dealing increased damage.
Arreat's Bearing (NEW)PantsAncients you summon are empowered. Korlic creates an earthquake that deals physical damage over four seconds when he leaps. Talic leaves behind Dust Devils that deal damage while he whirlwinds. Mawdac ignites the ground burning enemies for additional damage over four seconds when he upheaves the ground.
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Blood Artisan's CuirassChestPicking up a certain number of Blood Orbs spawns a Bone Spirit, dealing extra damage based on your Life percentage.
Deathless VisageHelmBone Spear leaves behind echoes that explode, dealing extra damage.
Deathspeaker's PendantAmuletBlood Surge casts a mini nova around your minions, dealing up to 50% increased damage based on enemies hits by the initial cast.
Greaves of the Empty TombBootsCreate Desecrated ground beneath your Sever spectres, dealing Shadow damage over two seconds.
Howl from BelowGlovesCorpse Explosion now creates a Volatile skeleton that charges at a random enemy and explodes for extra damage.
Ring of MendelnRingEvery 6th attack from each minion is empowered, exploding for physical damage.
Lidless WallShieldLucky Hit: While you have an active Bone Storm, hitting an enemy outside of a Bone Storm has up to a 15-30% chance to spawn an additional Bone Storm at their location. Each of your active Sacrifice bonuses increases the chance by 25% and the total number of additional Bone Storms you can have by +1.
Blood Moon BreechesPantsYour minions have a chance to curse enemies. Enemies affected by at least one of your curses take increased overpower damage from you.
Mutilator PlateChestYou are Blood Lanced, and when Blood Lance would deal damage to you it instead Fortifies you for one to two percent of your Maximum Life and has a five percent chance to form a Blood Orb. Blood Lance deals increased damage.
Ebonpiercer (NEW)AmuletBlight also shoots four smaller projectiles that pierce enemies and deal shadow damage over three seconds.
Cruor's Embrace (NEW)GlovesBlood Surge consumes corpses to cause mini novas, dealing damage. Damage is increased by 10% per target drained by the initial cast, up to 50%. Damage is also increased by 20% for each corpse consumed.
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Insatiable FuryChestWerebear form is now your true form and you gain +2 ranks to all Werebear skills.
Mad Wolf's GleeChestWerewolf form is now your true form and you gain +2 ranks to all Werewolf skills.
Hunter's ZenithRingGain a bonus when you kill with shapeshifting. Werewolf: Your next non-Ultimate Werebear skill costs no resource and has no cooldown. Werebear: Your next Werewolf skill will partially heal you when damage is dealt.
Storm's CompanionPantsYour wolf companions deal Lightning damage and gain the Storm Howl ability.
Vasily's PrayerHelmYour Earth skills are now also Werebear skills and Fortify you.
Dolmen StoneAmuletCasting Boulder while Hurricane is active will cause your boulders to rotate around you.
Unsung Ascetic's WrapsGlovesLightning Storm gains one additional strike each time it grows. Lightning Storm Critical Strikes cause lightning to strike twice, dealing increased damage.
Earthbreaker (NEW)RingCasting Landslide causes tectonic spikes to continue to deal damage over two seconds. Summoning Landslide pillars in tectonic spikes has a 20-30% chance to causes extra Landslide pillars to spawn in the spikes.
Wildheart Hunger (NEW)BootsWhen you Shapeshift into a Werewolf or a Werebear, you gain Wildheart for five seconds. Wildheart grants you increased damage, stacking 20 times.
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Grasp of ShadowGlovesLucky Hit: Damaging an enemy with a Vulnerable enemy with a Cutthroat or Marksman skill has a chance to summon a Shadow Clone that mimics your attack.
Cowl of the NamelessHelmYou gain increased Lucky Hit chance against Crowd Controlled enemies.
Eyes in the DarkPantsUnless it hits a boss or player, Deathtrap will continue to re-arm itself until it kills an enemy, though it has an increased cooldown.
Word of HakanAmuletYour Rain of Arrows is always imbued with all Imbuements at once.
Scoundrel's LeathersChestWhile you have unlimited energy from Inner Sight, your core skills have a chance to spawn Caltrops, Poison Trap, or Death Trap.
Beastfall BootsBootsWhen you cast an Ultimate skill, your next Core skill consumes all of your energy and deals increased damage per 25-75% Energy consumed. Using a Cooldown restores 15 energy.
Saboteur's Signet (NEW)RingCasting Flurry has a 15-30% chance to release Stun Grenades that deal physical damage and stun enemies for one second. Your grenade skills have a 5% Lucky Hit chance.
Scoundrel's Kiss (NEW)RingRapid Fire now lobs exploding arrows that deal increased damage.
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Raiment of the InfiniteChestAfter using Teleport, close enemies are Pulled to you and Stunned, but Teleport's cooldown is increased by 20%.
Iceheart BraisPantsEnemies that die while Frozen have a chance to unleash a Frost Nova.
Gloves of the IlluminatorGlovesFireball now bounces as it travels, exploding each time it hits the ground, dealing less damage with each.
Esu's HeirloomBootsYour Critical Strike Chance is increased by a percentage of your Movement Speed bonus.
Esadora's Overflowing CameoAmuletUpon collecting Crackling Energy, there is a 10% chance to release a Lightning Nova, dealing Lightning damage.
Blue RoseRingLucky Hit: Damaging an enemy has a chance of forming an exploding Ice Spike, dealing Cold damage. Triple this chance if the enemy is Frozen.
Starfall CoronetHelmetMeteor now has two charges and an 11–6 second Charge Cooldown instead of a Mana cost and drops three additional meteors around the target. Meteor's Enchantment effect and Enhanced Meteor drop one additional meteor.
Tal Rasha's Iridescent LoopRingFor each type of elemental damage you deal, gain 10-15% increased damage for 5 seconds. Dealing elemental damage refreshes all bonuses.
Flameweaver (NEW)GlovesCasting Fire Bolt through your Firewall causes it to split into four bolts, each dealing more damage.
Fractured Winterglass (NEW)AmuletCasting Frozen Orb has a 35-50% chance to spawn a random conjuration when it explodes. Lucky Hit: Your conjurations have up to a 70-100% chance to launch a Frozen Orb at nearby enemies.
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